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Why theme your Party Rooms? I think we can all agree that a plain old room is not much fun and believe it or not your guest look at that room as an attraction they are paying for. We have a few other good reasons to enhance your Party Rooms…

#1 Added Value - Your guests come to your facility because it is cooler and more fun than their own backyard or house, but more importantly they do not have to clean up afterwards. Also, parents want to have their child’s birthday somewhere special and receive a good value on the money they spent. The more they value that experience the more they are willing to pay.

#2 Do it for the Children - Kids have a different value system but the results are the same. They want to feel special and have a great time at a place that all their friends will enjoy. After all they only turn the age of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 once. Their friends tell other friends about how much fun they had and how awesome those party rooms were. Repeat business equals easy bookings, equals higher profits!

#3 Do it in the name of Facebook - Photos are being taken by smart phones and uploaded to social media sites and shared with family and friends. People love to "check-in" to a place they think is cool and share the news on social media sites. These other wonderful people are due to have their parties soon. Help them capture great pictures of happy smiles with background walls covered in dynamic décor and theming. Their friends and family will ask "where were these pictures taken?", and the marketing of your facility begins to positively snowball and it will make your facility the talk of the town.

#4 Great for Business - Although we have no actual numbers, we have heard from past clients that they enjoyed a 20-30% increase in revenues after their rooms were improved by our Artists. Also, they were able to protect their market share from the new facility opening down the road with the last name Cheese. Considering most facilities make most of their money in hosting parties, doesn’t it make sense to put your money where you make your money?

5 out of 5 ROI agree.

We travel far and wide making the world a better place one room at a time by creating custom designed rooms to fit your facility. Your rooms will be one of a kind high quality showcase entertainment areas… or you could just stick with that plain old room? We look forward to hearing from you soon.