Themed Art and Décor for Family Attractions and Entertainment Centers

Thank you for taking the time to read about all the services we offer. Perhaps you now understand we are just "Artists at Work." Our professionalism and philosophies make what we do not just "work", but it is who we are.

  • Project and Artistic Consultation
  • Estimations and Budget Developments
  • Project Directive Outlining 
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Design Support for Project Development
  • Logo Designs and Signage Design
  • Themed Environments and Displays
  • Murals, Scenery, and Faux Finish Services
  • Themed Attraction Frontages and Interiors
  • Customized Props and Character Displays
  • Show Lighting with FX Packages
  • Conceptual Design for Family Entertainment Centers
  • Foam Sculpting Fabrication
  • FRP Coating and Fabrication
  • Wood, Plastics, Metal Fabrication
  • Theatrical Sets and Scenery
  • Trade Show Exhibit Components or Displays
  • Museum Exhibit Components or Diorama Displays
  • Retail or Marketing Displays
  • National Installation of FIERCE Products
  • Restoration of Aging Attractions and Facilities

ARTISTS at is your Creative Solution for Many Reasons

  • Professionalism - We represent ourselves to the expectations of our clients by maintaining clean work environments, appearances, and quality of product.
  • Superior Quality – Every endeavor is an effort to do better than the last. The endless pursuit to refine our craft and skillset keep the quality of work superseding our client’s expectation.
  • Custom and Originality – We want to make your endeavor one of a kind. Although we are capable of production style output with a very consistent outcome, we prefer each new project to be original to your needs and leave you with a product that your guest will not find anywhere else.
  • Solutions Network – Our friends are your friends. We have comprised a vast network of professional individuals and small business that can be utilized to handle those endeavors that do not fit our expertise directly but might be needed to fulfill your endeavor.
  • Design Support – This is an important process in most endeavors to help get everyone on the same page and we can help. We can show you how our scope of work will integrate with the rest of your facility.
  • Innovational – We are always keeping our finger on the pulse of what is new and we can add a special touch of magic to your endeavor that no one else is utilizing for your purpose. This allows us to also expand our systems of operations effectively as needed to give you the latest approach for the best price possible.
  • Guest Experience – We want your guest to have a memorable experience and most importantly we them to return and show off your facility to others, this is achieved on our part by making sure our end products functional, durable, and fun.
  • Our Reputation is FIERCE –We encourage you to talk with our previous clients. We will be happy to provide you with a list to references and will be very proud to add you to our list of amazing clients.

Creative Services